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MSCF Volunteer & Artist-in-Residence .


MSCF artist residency project is a non-profit residency program run by Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation in Accra, Ghana. The aim of MSCF artist residency program is to offer resources for artists of different art forms to work together; to encourage interaction and exchange of ideas between artist from different background and cultures.

The aim of the project is to promote art without borders, by creating the platform for local and international artist to come together and express their talent in various forms.


Exhibitions are held at the end of every month to showcase, sell and further promote the works created by artist during the residency period. Artists have the possibility and all possible support to make workshops or arrange happenings to present their art during the residency.

Accommodation Information 

The accommodation at MSCF is standard and comprises of single occupancy and double occupancy rooms. Rooms have air conditioners and are well ventilated. Occupants share a common bathroom which is kept clean and tidy at all times. Hygiene and cleanliness is very important to us and we try to keep our facility clean at all times

Studio Information 

There is a large open air studio space within the facility for artist. Artist can also choose to work in an enclosed space if privacy is needed.


1 - 6 months

Paid by host 

Water, electricity, internet and cultural entertainment

Paid by artist 

The residency fee for 2020 is US$950/month/private room and US$500/month/double occupancy room. The fee includes the accommodation room, open air studio and the right to use common spaces (a bigger joint kitchen/living room, tv-room, etc.). Travel, food and other living costs within Ghana is paid by the artists themselves.

Technical Information 

The building has wireless internet access.


Accra Ghana

Email us for applications and further details at [email protected]


MSCF Volunteer program is aimed at giving well-wishing local and foreigners the opportunity to lend support to the foundation in our bid to make the world a better place for the community in which we work. Our volunteers work together with our gender activists and community youth coaches to empower our young girls and train the youth in sports and other physical activities as we endeavor to provide them with structured sporting and physical activities on a consistent basis. Some of our volunteers also work in the capacity of mentors' who educate the children on various aspects of social life. Together with our volunteer we strongly believe that we can positively impact the lives of the vulnerable and less privileged in our community and we are most grateful to all volunteers who have worked with us in the past and those looking forward to working with us in the future. 

Typical Day Description:

Our volunteers for the sports project typically start work from 2 pm - 5 pm from Monday to Friday at our various community parks. They assist the coach in preparing training schedules, keeping records, and organizing a successful training session on a daily basis. Occasionally volunteers will be assigned to tasks that require them to spend some time usually between 9 am - 12 pm at MSCF offices to help with office work before moving to the field later on in the day. Work at MSCF is purely fun as we embrace everybody within the MSCF family with open heart and love. We very much appreciate multiculturalism and we are always happy to be working with people from different backgrounds.

Volunteer Activities:

Volunteers are welcome to sign up to support the following projects:

EYBFS 1000 – Empowering 1000 youth for a bright future through sports and culture is aimed at providing less privileged youth including girls with free structured and regular sporting and recreational activities. Volunteer are needed to support in the areas of youth soccer coaching, youth counseling, social media branding, data collection, content writing and research.

  • Join the MSCF Volunteer Program in Ghana and help create the local passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle among the youth. 
  • Coach, Train and Play with the kids and encourage them to take up the sport in the future 
  • Assist the head coaches with everyday practices and training sessions 
  • Enhance your competence and support the realization of our SDG related goals

LCG (Lets Count the Girls) Project – The Lets Count the Gils Project is aimed at empowering our less privileged young girls and women for a better life. The project focuses on gender equality, education, women empowerment and prevention of violence and discrimination against women and girls. Volunteers are needed to support in the areas of project planning, counseling, education, social media branding, data collection and analysis and content writing.


Duration and Cost

1 Week – USD $200

Extra Weeks – USD $100 per week.

What are you paying for?
  • Airport Pickup
  • Accommodation
  • 24 hrs Assistance and support from Staff
  • Comprehensive Pre- Departure Information
  • Breakfast
  • Orientation 
  • Certificate of Completion

Volunteer Program Highlights

  1. Experience the beautiful and hospitable Ghanaian culture and way of life.
  2. Support the physical and mental development of vulnerable and less privileged youth including girls.
  3. Get the opportunity to visit beautiful tourist attraction sites and sunny beaches along the coast of Accra, make friends and create wonderful memories during weekend trips.
  4. Enhance your intercultural competence and enrich your scope of horizon in diverse ways as an individual.
  5. Lend support to MSCF in our bid to make this world a better place for the less privileged and vulnerable in our community

    Email us for applications and further details at [email protected]

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