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MSCF on 01.05.2021 joined Nurture Nature Foundation in organizing a sanitation awareness program for the NGLESHIE community along the beach of Accra at the Ashiedu-Keteke sub-metro. The aim of the program was to inform the community members about the need to keep their environment clean in their bid to stay healthy. The program involved a massive cleanup campaign at selected locations along the beach. The program was largely supported by the community who turned up in their numbers to help in cleaning the community. Whiles the aim of the project was largely fulfilled, community members were tasked to further ensure that they will see to the cleanliness of the beach by organizing periodic clean up campaigns to keep their vicinity clean at all times. The project was in line with MSCF commitment to support in the realization of the UN SDG 2030.







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MSCF on Sunday, 11th Apil 2021 organized a mini soccer tournament in commemoration of the 2021 International Day of Sports for Development and Peace at the Osu Salem Park for the youth within the community . The aim of the tournament was to educate the children about the International day of sports for the development and peace, need for peace, why we need peace and how to keep peace. The tournament included a workshop on peace delivered by ladies from Nurture Nature Foundation. The workshop was aimed at deepening the understanding of the children on peace and how to keep peace among themselves and in their community.

The project provided the opportunity for the children to showcase their talent whiles learning about peace and its benefits on our society. The platform further created the opportunity for the children to enhance their physical, mental and psychological wellbeing. MSCF is most grateful to Nurture Nature Foundation for their support towards the implementation of the project.

‘Sport has the power to change the world; it is a fundamental right, a powerful tool to strengthen social ties and promote sustainable development and peace and well as solidarity, and respect. Through our unique individual skills and collective power, we can come together and share creative ways to improve our health and well-being through sport and physical activity - even from the confines of our own homes. The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6 April presents an opportunity to recognize the role that sport and physical activity plays in communities and in people’s lives across the world.’ - UN

MSCF is glad to support the agenda of the UN in promoting sports for development and peace. In line with our commitment to support the realization of the UN SDG’s MSCF will continue to initiate projects aimed at developing our youth and community in the long run.








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Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation is inviting applications for its maiden Ghana-Nordic arts project. The project will host 2 artists from different Nordic countries in Ghana for a period of 8 weeks ate the MSCF Center in Accra, during which they will exchange ideas, cultural values and work together with Ghanaian artists to produce beautiful works of arts. PARTICIPATION IS ENTIRELY FREE INCLUDING AIRFARE. NORDIC ARTISTS CAN SEND US A MESSAGE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation Reinforces Commitment to Sustainable Development Agenda in Ghana

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Accra - Ghana, Dept of Int Communication

Accra, Republic of Ghana – Lack of physical and sporting activities has become one of the major challenges facing less privelegd youth in Ghana and Africa at large. This is mostly due to poverty and other underlining factors. Martisans Sport and Cultural Foundation intervenes with a sports for development philosophy to support community youth and enhance their physical and mental health through sports and cultural activities. Founded in December 2009, the foundation has over the years created the platform for over 5000 boys and girls to participate in sporting and cultural activities. MSCF is a staunch advocate of the UN SDG and going forward, the foundation will implement more community projects to support youth development, women empowerment, cultural activities and environmental protection.

Despite the hardships imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the foundation’s commitment to support youth development is on course. The new module of the ‘Empowering the youth for a bright future through sports’ (EYBFS) project will focus on working with over 100 community clubs within Ghana in a bid to enhance their capacity to provide youth soccer coaching services to 100,000 youth within their various communities. The EYBFS PROJECT currently runs in 5 MSCF designated community school sports parks along the coast of Accra. The beneficiaries of the project are children from the fishing communities along the coast of Accra where illiteracy and poverty are prevalent. The modules employed in this project are the ‘Long Term Athlete Development’ module adopted from Sports for life - Canada, the GIZ Sports for development module and the locally developed community youth soccer training module. Together these modules ensure a regular, structured, and measurable system in place to support the development of youth athletes and further track their progress. The foundation is working to introduce the Flying Disc Game to our community youth in the coming year.


MSCF - Lets Count the Girls (LCG) project is aimed at gender empowerment, supporting our community girls to engage in sports and ending violence and discrimination against them. The project provides the platform for community girls to engage in sports to enhance their mental, physical and psychological health whiles enhancing their self-confidence. The project has so far benefited about 150 girls and the foundation is working on getting more girls to participate.. The foundation in 2021 is aiming to increase by 50% female volunteer engagement programs where community girls get to share their knowledge and experience. The foundation will also increase girls’ engagement in managerial and decision making roles in the coming year.


The MSCF Civic Education and Human rights advocacy project is aimed at getting community youth engaged in decision making process at the assembly and community level. This project is aimed at educating the youth especially girls on their civic right with the aim of getting more youth to get engaged in the political activities and other decision making process within their various communities. MSCF is planning to introduce innovative community engagement programs which are expected to reach 30% of community youth leaders by the first half of next year. Through interactive lesson plans, participants will enhance leadership skills; learn the stories of inspiring change makers in human rights and think critically about the ways in which they can improve human rights in their community.


As part of our environmental protection initiative, the foundation in 2021 will be using mostly environmentally friendly sports training equipment at all our 5 designated sports training sites. These sports training equipment are made by local artisans with canes and are very durable. The impact of these wooden sports training equipment on the environment is quite low and the foundation hopes to replicate this at other regions outside Accra.


The MSCF VOLUNTEER PROJECT is expected to begin by March 2021 as it has started only to be quenched by the Coronavirus pandemic. MSCF believes that foreign volunteers can also participate in the project and lend support whiles building lasting relationship and memories in Ghana.


Martisans Sports & Cultural Foundation is working to expand its partnership network in order to enhance project impact and the capacity of its staff, team members, youth coaches and volunteers. MSCF is therefore calling on all stakeholders worldwide to support in the implementation of the foundations community projects.




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In line with our commitment to support the realization of UN SDG, MSCF is in the process of forming a viable prtnership with OSI Geneva in a bid to further enahcne our impact in the communities we work with. The creation of OSI -Ghana will further create more oppotunities for the less privileged youth and girls to support their development and ultimately prepare them for a bright future. The OSI -Ghana will initiate community projects ranging from grender, sports, enviromental protection and preseravtion as well as science camps to further enhacne sciecne education within the communities we work. MSCF will humbly wish to extend invitation to other srtakeholders with the capacity to spport a succefull project implementation in our communities. We are of a strong conviction that this and other similar partnerships will go a long way to enhance the lives of the community members including the youth and girls. 

MSCF �??Global Week to #ACT4SDG�??s REPORT

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Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation initiated a project at the Baatsonaa TMA (Nungua) sports park in support of the “Global week to #ACT4SDG’s” from the 19th – 26th of September 2020. The aim of the project was to take advantage of the “Global week to #ACT4SDG’s” to create the platform for the youth within the community to have access to structured sports and physical activity in a bid to enhance their physical mental and psychological health.

The project purpose was to throw light on the “Global week to #ACT4SDG’s and further reinforce our commitment to support the realization of the UN SDG 2030. The “Global week to #ACT4SDG’s” creates a platform for all stakeholders committed to supporting the realization of the SDG to share their good works and commitment to the course whiles taking definite action to support the realization of the UN SDG 2030. Overall, the “Global week to #ACT4SDG’s” also created the platform for visibility and knowledge sharing. Our participation in the “Global week to #ACT4SDG’s” made us privy to other intervention modules that we believe could be essential in enhancing the impact of the “Empowering the youth for a bright future through sports” (EYBFS) project in the communities we work.

The one week project benefited the youth in the communities including a few girls. In all, 250 youth between the ages of 6 – 18 years old benefited from the project. About 500 community members including women were present to support the project and participate in the event. The youth turned out in their numbers to participate and further support the realization of the UN SDG2030 and also enhance their physical, mental and psychological well-being. In a speech made to the youth, MSCF President Mr., Desmond Kwame Mantey emphasized the need for the youth to keep fit and also take advantage and participate in the “Empowering the youth for a bright future through sports” (EYBFS) project. He made it known to them that the foundation is keen in their overall wellbeing and will do its possible best to ensure that they get the needed support for a bright future.

The project directly impacted 250 youth within the community from ages 6-18 years old. MSCF strongly believes that this 1 week session together with the upcoming the “Empowering the youth for a bright future through sports” (EYBFS) project will go a long way in enhancing their physical, mental and psychological health. The project also indirectly imparted about 700 community members who participated in the success of the project in diverse ways. MSCF is most grateful to the women traders who showed up to sell the much needed items like water and food to the audience. It is our fervent hope that the “Empowering the youth for a bright future through sports” (EYBFS) project will also create further opportunities for them to do business and earn more income.

MSCF will humbly wish to thank all our stakeholders including Nii Gonti of Nungua Traditional Council, Hon Mr. Joshau Bortey, MCE Krowor Municipal Assembly and Nii Gontein Teiko Tsuru -Sub Chief of Baatsonaa – Nungua.

For and On Behalf of

Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation Board

Signed : Desmond Kwame Mantey

Desmond Kwame Mantey (Board Chairman



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MSCF Volunteer program is aimed at giving well-wishing local and foreigners the opportunity to lend support to the foundation in our bid to make the world a better place for the community in which we work. Our volunteers work together with our gender activists and community youth coaches to empower our young girls and train the youth in sports and other physical activities as we endeavor to provide them with structured sporting and physical activities on a consistent basis. Some of our volunteers also work in the capacity of mentors' who educate the children on various aspects of social life. Together with our volunteer we strongly believe that we can positively impact the lives of the vulnerable and less privileged in our community and we are most grateful to all volunteers who have worked with us in the past and those looking forward to working with us in the future.






Typical Day Description:

Our volunteers for the sports project typically start work from 2 pm - 5 pm from Monday to Friday at our various community parks. They assist the coach in preparing training schedules, keeping records, and organizing a successful training session on a daily basis. Occasionally volunteers will be assigned to tasks that require them to spend some time usually between 9 am - 12 pm at MSCF offices to help with office work before moving to the field later on in the day. Work at MSCF is purely fun as we embrace everybody within the MSCF family with open heart and love. We very much appreciate multiculturalism and we are always happy to be working with people from different backgrounds.

Volunteer Activities:

Volunteers are welcome to sign up to support the following projects:

EYBFS 1000 – Empowering 1000 youth for a bright future through sports and culture is aimed at providing less privileged youth including girls with free structured and regular sporting and recreational activities. Volunteer are needed to support in the areas of youth soccer coaching, youth counseling, social media branding, data collection, content writing and research.

• Join the MSCF Volunteer Program in Ghana and help create the local passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle among the youth.

• Coach, Train and Play with the kids and encourage them to take up the sport in the future

• Assist the head coaches with everyday practices and training sessions

• Enhance your competence and support the realization of our SDG related goals



LCG ( Lets Count the Girls) Project – The Lets Count the Gils Project is aimed at empowering our less privilegd young girls and women for a better life. The project focuses on gender equality, education, women empowerment and prevention of violence and discrimination against women and girls. Volunteers are needed to support in the areas of project planning, counseling, education, social media branding, data collection and analysis and content writing.

• Join the MSCF Volunteer Program in Ghana and help create the platform for young women to develop and thrive.

• Support our gender activists in coaching and grooming our young girls for success

• Enhance your competence and support the realization of our SDG related goals.



Volunteers can apply to join the project at any time of the year.





Volunteers are responsible for their transportation to Ghana

Volunteers are responsible for their accommodation whiles in Ghana

Please contact us for more information on volunteer fees and accommodation charges.


Volunteer Program Highlights

1. Experience the beautiful and hospitable Ghanaian culture and way of life.

2. Support the physical and mental development of vulnerable and less privileged youth including girls.

3. Get the opportunity to visit beautiful tourist attraction sites and sunny beaches along the coast of Accra, make friends and create wonderful memories during weekend trips.

4. Enhance your intercultural competence and enrich your scope of horizon in diverse ways as an individual.

5. Lend support to MSCF in our bid to make this world a better place for the less privileged and vulnerable in our community.



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...MSCF will be relaunching the "Empowering the Youth for a Bright Future Through Sports" project at the Osu Independence park on the 28th of March, 2020. All are cordially invited to the relaunch ceremony. The foundation will showcase its latest environmentally friendly and innovative training equipment to be used at the Osu site.


1. Enhance the physical and mental health of the youth.

2. Create the platform for girls to participate in sports.

3. Support the United Nations in the realization of UN SDG Goal 3.


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Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation, participated in this year’s world urban forum which took place from the 8th-13th of February 2020 in Abu Dhabi UAE. The aim for participation was to network and meet with relevant stakeholders working on promoting UN SDG goal 3. Organized and convened by UN-Habitat, the World Urban Forum has become the foremost international gathering for exchanging views and experiences on sustainable urbanization in all its ramifications. The inclusive nature of the Forum, combined with high-level participation, makes it a unique United Nations conference and the premier international gathering on urban issues. The conference created the platform for like-minded individuals working to promote the UN SDG 2030 to network, share and exchange ideas in line with the sustainable development goals. The theme for this year’s conference was “Cities of opportunities: connecting culture and innovation”. As part of the program participants discussed a wide arrange of issues centered on promoting the welfare of cities throughout the world. MSCF participation gave the foundation the opportunity to interact and learn from key stakeholders working on the realization of the UN SDG 2030. Most importantly to the foundation, the issue of children and their welfare in a highly dynamic and rapidly changing society was addressed from different perspectives ranging from city planning and development, clean air, road safety environmental safety and a host of other relevant issues that has a direct effect on children and their development. The foundation was fortunate to learn about how other organizations are dealing similar problems and their innovative solutions to tackle these societal problems we face in the 21st century.

In a remark, President of Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation, Mr. Desmond Mantey, indicated that the welfare of children and youth in our society should not be taken for granted in view of the role they will play in our societies in the near future. He further made a call to all stakeholders to ensure that cities and communities are planned with the welfare of children in mind and there must be a concerted effort to ensure that every single community has a play ground where children can enjoy sports and the benefits thereof. He further called on all stakeholders to support the foundation’s gender projects, sports project and other viable projects relating to the realization of the UN SDG 2030.

Nii Emmanuel Tetteh Oglie II, chief of Saki – Kpone, and an executive member of Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation also made a call to government, traditional authorities and other stakeholders to ensure that community playgrounds are preserved and enhanced, so that they can be used to positively shape the future of our children and youth who happens to be our future leaders.



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Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation particpated in this year's 68 UN Civil Society Conference held in Salt Lake City Utah in the USA. 

The foundation was represented by Mr. Thomas Ololai Botchway , and executive member and Madam Naa Adokailey Notse I, Queen mother of Danchira, a gender activist and also an executive member of the foundation.

The participation of the 2 executive members was to enlighten them on the roles of civil society in building inclusive cities and societies. In a statement made to a working group at the conference, Madam Naa Adokailey Notse I, empahsized the need for conserted efforts to help vulnerable girls and women in developing cointries in Africa to achive their fullest potential. She further mentioned that girls and women can make a signifcant input towards socioeconomci developement and their wlefare must as result be treated with seriousness at all levels. She also called on donors and stakeholder to support the foundation in its effort to suppoprt girls and women in the communities in which we work.

26 August 2019


“Well-planned and managed cities can steer us towards inclusive growth and serve as models of harmony among diverse people”, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres declared in a video message on Monday to delegates at the 68th UN Civil Society Conference, in Salt Lake City, Utah.



The conference, described by the UN as the Organization’s “premier event in the civil society calendar”, opened today and will run through 28 August. It brings together representatives of civil society from around the world, and senior UN officials, to discuss a wide range of solutions to the challenges of urban life and the modern world.


The UN chief welcomed the decision to make inclusive and sustainable cities and communities the focus of this year’s conference, noting that cities are well placed to help combat the global climate emergency and point the way towards sustainable, low-emission development.


At a time when civic space is shrinking worldwide and intolerance is on the rise, Mr. Guterres said civil society plays a vital role in solving all global challenges.


A global coalition to transform cities and communities

“We are here to learn from each other, to share ideas and to strengthen a global coalition to transform our cities and communities to be more inclusive and sustainable,” said Alison Smale, the head UN global communications, whose department co-organizes the event.


UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Alison Smale, speaks at the 68th UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. (26 August 2019)

UNCSC | UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Alison Smale, speaks at the 68th UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. (26 August 2019)

Ms. Smale, speaking at the opening session of the conference, underscored the critical importance of making cities inclusive, sustainable, resilient and safe, if the 2030 Agenda – the UN’s roadmap for tackling global challenges, including how to deal with the complexities of rapid urbanization – is to be achieved by its target date.


The 2019 conference is chaired by Maruxa Cardama, Secretary General of the Partnership for Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT), who described cities and communities as “living laboratories” where “the challenges and opportunities that are central to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change become tangible”.


Ms. Cardama said that cities and communities can provide opportunities to translate major global issues – from climate change, to human rights, education and jobs for youth – into positive local action for improving livelihoods and protecting the planet.


Conference Chair, Maruxa-Cardama, speaks at the 68th UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. (26 August 2019)UNCSC

Conference Chair, Maruxa-Cardama, speaks at the 68th UN Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. (26 August 2019)

Voice of youth

The 2019 conference has been set up to ensure that young people have a large say in the proceedings, holding a co-chair on nearly all planning sub-committees, and developing a separate outcome document for adoption on the final day of the event.


Young people have, said Ms. Smale, “pioneered global movement on the most pressing challenges of our time such as climate change”, and the conference will be an occasion to build momentum for climate action ahead of the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit, taking place in New York in September.


‘The world can’t wait, and neither will we’

Salt Lake City has been preparing for the conference for over a year, led by Mayor Jackie Biskupski, who declared that cities and local communities have never before played such an important role in the health and well-being of the world.


Cities, she said, are becoming denser, and more diverse in terms of ethnicity, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, nd economic status, which presents great challenges and tremendous opportunities. Salt Lake City, she added, is innovating and building sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of our time.


“We are creating coalitions with other local communities, NGOs, and businesses, to maximize our impact. There is a phrase my fellow US mayors have begun using regularly. ‘The world can’t wait, and neither will we’”