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Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation is an NGO based in Accra, Ghana. Martisans Sports and Cultural foundation's aim is to promote the welfare of our youth and less privileged children through sports and cultural activities. The organizations programs  are geared toward ensuring that the future of the youth and children are safe and secured through various educative, sports and cultural programs aimed at preparing them for a bright future. Soccer happens to be the main sports around which most of the programs for the children are developed.
Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation also encourage the involvement of children in sport since this goes a long way to help their physical health. Sports also significantly helps in their mental development which is also good for their academic life.
Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation also collaborates with like minded organizations to bring hope and happiness to our future leaders.
Needless, to say that most stars, especially in Africa wouldn't have had the better life experiences to date, without other pioneers who worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for them.

The organization is ably led by Mr. Desmond Mantey, the president and the executive director of the foundation. He holds an M.A in International Economics and a Specialization Certificate in Strategic Management. He  has extensive experience in sports and business management. He loves children and sports. Mr. Frank Ruda is the vice president of the foundation. He is a successful businessman and lover of sports as well. He has been very instrumental in the funding of the foundations' programs to date. Miss Akua Abrafi Gyimah is the secretary for the foundation. As a seasoned program manger, she has been very key in rolling out the foundations' programs within our community. Her support to the organization is commendable and highly appreciated by all.

Miss Akua Abrafi Gyimah - Secretary / Program Manager

Mr. Frank Ruda - Vice President

Mrs Mavis Sey - Program Manager

Mr. Desmond Kwame Mantey - President / Executive Director



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