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Martisans Sports and Cultural Foundation(MSCF) is non-profit NGO based in Accra Ghana. MSCF started providing access to free sporting activities for children in 2009. It all began when the CEO of Martisans Sports Management saw the enthusiasm with which children will gather to watch professional players train for their competitive games at the Independence Beach Park at OSU, behind the Independence square in Accra, Ghana.  By then, children will gather and play unsupervised, on their own, for hours before giving way for the professional players to play. Out of this, the need to organize a special program to deal with these children became evident and Martisans Sports Foundation officially started rolling out sporting programs particularly for children in 2010 when it collaborated with Nurture Nature Foundation to get sponsorship in the form of sporting equipment and apparel from Sports Gift Inc. in the USA. Since then, the foundation has been providing access to sporting activities for these less privileged children along the beaches to date. It became evident that more children along the coast not only lack access to play, but also lack the inspiration to do sports. Our efforts over the years and in the coming years are to complement existing sporting programs in the community by increasing the value placed on sports and triggering a significant change in the community we work through sports. Through our structured sporting, non-sporting and cultural activities, we seek to create a bright future for the children, imbue in them the art of peace, friendliness, love, and care for another as well as unity and fellow feeling. As iterated by Nelson Mandela, ?sports have the power to change the world?.  We strongly believe that through our long-term structured sporting program we can create a bright future for the children in the communities we serve.


Our vision is to empower the youth for a bright future through sports and culture.  It is our hope that through our structured sporting, non-sporting and cultural activities, we will equip the children and youth with significant sporting skills to prepare them for a career in sports, or equipped as good citizens with skills capable of contributing to socio-economic development in the community and in the country at large.



Our mission is to provide the children and youth along the coastal areas of Accra -Ghana with structured sporting, non-sporting and cultural activities with the aim of enhancing their physical health and as well as mental health. Through these activities, we aim to inculcate informal educational activities that will instill in the children and youth, the sense of peace and unity, love and care for one another.

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